Archive: Tue 11 Nov 2014

  1. Halcyon days again

    Further to my post about the halcyon days of Sinclair design, I was rather excited to see that Rick Dickinson (designer of many of the original Sinclair computers) has been reimagining the Sinclair QL.

    QL black (5) QL white (6) QL white (10)

    From the drawing board of Rick Dickinson (DICKINSON ASSOCIATES)

    The design harks back to the original QL concept with a built in screen – although it’s rather an upgrade on the Sinclair TV that the early QL designs envisaged.

    QL Sketch, Rick Dickinson, from his Flickr set

    Original QL sketch, incorporating flat tube TV and printer, by Rick Dickinson

    Unfortunately, like the wafer design I was coveting, there’s no suggestion of actual development anytime soon – even though after a bit of research I realised that people are still working on a variation of the original Sinclair QDOS (the operating system of the QL): SMSQ/E stands ready.